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Junior Tournaments

USTA Junior Tournaments

The USTA holds junior tournaments all over New England, including many tournaments in Maine.  The Racket and Fitness Center also holds a number of tournaments. New England junior tournaments are divided by age group, gender, and level. The level breakdowns are as follows:

Level 7 (L7): Entry level tournament for players that are ready to take their competitive skills into a tournament. 12’s and 14’s are held as round robin formats, and 16’s and 18’s are single elimination.
Level 6 (L6): Competitive single elimination tournaments for tournament tough players.
Level 5 (L5): Higher level tournaments for players that are trying to qualify for New England National Selection teams (zonals & intersectionals) and the New England Sectional Championship.
Level 4 (L4): Championship level “Super 6” New England Championship tournaments which offer USTA National Ranking Points. There are 4 of these events in New England in each age group each year.
Level 3 (L3): The highest level Junior Tournament in New England, these L3 “Super 6” events are known as “Sectionals.” Significant national ranking points can be earned at Level 3 events. There are 2 of these tournaments in each age group in New England each year.

To quickly find tournaments on the USTA tournaments page, please follow the links below for easy access to the appropriate tournaments.

DivisionL7 in MaineL7L6 in Maine L6L5L3 & L4
B&G 10 & Under10 L7 (ME)10 L7n/an/an/an/a
Boys 12 & UnderB12 L7 (ME)B12 L7B12 L6 (ME)B12 L6B12 L5B12 Super 6
Girls 12 & UnderG12 L7 (ME)G12 L7G12 L6 (ME)G12 L6G12 L5G12 Super 6
Boys 14 & UnderB14 L7 (ME)B14 L7B14 L6 (ME)B14 L6B14 L5B14 Super 6
Girls 14 & UnderG14 L7 (ME)G14 L7G12 L6 (ME)G14 L6G14 L5G14 Super 6
Boys 16 & UnderB16 L7 (ME)B16 L7B16 L6 (ME)B16 L6B16 L5B16 Super 6
Girls 16 & UnderG16 L7 (ME)G16 L7G16 L6 (ME)G16 L6G16 L5G16 Super 6
Boys 18 & UnderB18 L7 (ME)B18 L7B18 L6 (ME)B18 L6B18 L5B18 Super 6
Girls 18 & UnderG18 L7 (ME)G18 L7G18 L6 (ME)G18 L6G18 L5G18 Super 6