karateThe Racket and Fitness center is proud to partner with Enshin Karate. Enshin offers people of all ages and all fitness levels a way to excel in the art of Karate. We have classes from kids to adults and is a great way to learn self defense. For the person looking to get in great physical shape, to the person looking to fight in full contact tournaments, we offer it all.

Enshin Kaikan is a style of “full contact karate”, or Knockdown karate, founded in 1988 with dojo and students in various countries around the world. The core emphasis in Enshin is use of the Sabaki Method, as system of techniques employed with the goal of turning an opponent’ power and momentum against him or her and repositioning oneself to the opponent’s “blind” spot to counterattack from a more advantageous position. Although Enshin is a “stand-up fighting” style that includes kick, strikes and punches found in most other styles of karate, it also utilizes numerous grabs, sweeps and throws often associated with Judo or other grappling styles of martial arts.

Contact Sensei Corey for Class times at 207-239-8069

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